You might have already heard about our fantastic adult colouring book, and the word’s certainly being spread in the papers and online. Adults indulging in a bit of colouring in has been 2015’s hot leisure trend, so in order to spread a little calm and mindfulness (the activity is reported to have a really positive effect on concentration and mental heath) we put together a book containing some of our favourite luxury villas and chateaux from our portfolio for our fans and customers to colour in. We thought we’d put all the press mentions we had on our colouring book in one handy place – and here they all are! As ever, just click on the link to read the full article, and don’t forget you can download both out adult and kid’s version of our book by heading to our colouring book blog.

Stylist Gets on Trend With Our Adult Colouring Book!

November 18, 2015
Stylist, the free magazine that comes out every Wednesday, has taken a look at our latest innovation- the world’s first travel colouring books for adults! Adult colouring books are all the rage right now, and they’re not just a great way to get in touch with your artistic side, it’s believed that they help manage stress and can even help you in your day-to-day life by improving your focus. Stylist was quick to point out that our book is perfect for those who have got itchy feet and are desperate for a holiday!

“There’s now even colouring books for Harry Potter, Sherlock and Game of Thrones fans. And at last, there’s one for those who spend their work days consumed with wanderlust –  a travel colouring book.

Luxury holiday company Oliver’s Travels has created the artwork based on its most stunning destinations, such as a beach house in Mykonos to a villa in Sicily.

The drawings have details such as mosaic tiles and buildings reflected into pristine pools for those looking for a challenge.”

You can read their coverage of our book by visiting the Stylist website.

Our Adult Colouring Book is The Guardian’s Pick for Felt-Tip Tourism!

November 23, 2015
The Guardian always likes to find the most interesting and on-trend advice and activities for their readers, so it’s no surprise (to us at least!) that they picked up on our brilliant new adult colouring book. They talk about how the trend is increasingly being seen as a great way for adults to relieve some stress in their lives and have a positive impact on mental health, and link it up to the travel aspect of our own book:

“Certainly, gazing at attractive travel destinations for long periods of time can be a welcome distraction from the stress of life at home: think how many of us have holiday screensavers on our devices. Publishers have already shown interest in travel-related topics – there are incredibly detailed colouring books of cities , thenatural world and a Colour Yourself to Calmness Book of Animals. Some colouring books also come in travel sizes, or are designed for those going on journeys.”

They also point out that it might be a great way to while away the time until you head off on your next luxury villa holiday – something we can definitely agree with!

If you want to read the article yourself simply head to the Guardian’s website.

Our Adult Colouring Book Press Round Up!

  • had a look, taking time to share a few of our pictures with their readers who might enjoy some colouring in!

“Today I’m sharing these lovely free travelling themed adult colouring pages with you. This is a set of 8 sheets to colour. They all have super detailed images of real places like Château de saint Louis or Tudor Courthouse Estate in Midlands. You’ll find some to be extremely detailed, and some a bit less detailed so there is something for everyone in this pack to colour in. After you are done colouring these, I bet you will just want to travel to all these places as they all look rather amazing.”

  • The German website for fashion magazine Cosmopolitan also mentioned the book, stating:

“Das beste Geschenk überhaupt? Zeit! Und die schenke ich mir mit diesem Reise-Malbuch für Erwachsene einfach selbst. Das Beste daran? Es ist umsonst und kann ruckzuck auf der Website von Oliver’s Travels heruntergeladen werden.”

Which Google handily translates as:

“The best gift ever? Time! And I give myself with this travel coloring book for adults by yourself. The best part? It’s free and can be downloaded in no time on the website of Oliver ‘s Travels.”

  • The Burton Mail makes a point of how we’ve taken the usual holiday brochure and turned into something a lot more fun (and potentially something that’s good for your grey matter too).

“With interest in colouring-in books for adults continuing to grow rapidly, and research suggesting their therapeutic nature can help to reduce stress and promote mental wellbeing, Oliver’s Travels made the decision to join the popular trend – in doing so transforming the age-old holiday brochure and guidebook into a canvas for vibrant creativity.

The Oliver’s Travels colouring-in book artist in residence selected some of the most beautiful destinations in the company’s portfolio across the UK and Europe to include in the first colouring-in book. This includes a grand Tudor manor house in the Midlands, a remote villa in tranquil Tuscany and an exotic beach house in Mykonos to name a few.”

  • Lifestyle magazine Stylist listed their favourite adult colouring books and we were delighted to find we were one of their top picks along with other popular books based on Sherlock and Game of Thrones. You can check out the rest of their choices on their site.
Stylist Coverage - Luxury Villa Holidays - Oliver's Travels

The Stylist’s coverage of our awesome colouring book

  • Popular mummy blog In The Playroom thinks our colouring pages are a great idea, especially for a bit of mum-and-tot colouring.

“I know lots of you are loving the grown up colouring craze these days, so I’m happy to share a new pack of colouring pages with you. These beautiful scenery colouring pages are inspired by travel, and show scenes from beautiful locations throughout Europe.”

  • We also had a bit of a mention in the Devon’s Western Morning News, who had this to say about our colouring book:

“The Oliver’s Travels colouring-in book artist in residence selected some of the most beautiful destinations in the company’s portfolio across the UK and Europe to include in the first colouring-in book.

Each destination was photographed and then transformed from a panoramic image into an intricate template for adults to carefully colour in using whatever shades of felt tip or crayon they see fit.”

  • And finally, The Sun couldn’t help but get a bit snarky:

The Sun gets snarky - luxury villas to rent - Oliver's Travels

  • New Year Update! We got a lovely mention in OK! as part of their “In-flight Essentials”.
OK press cutting - adult colouring book

OK press cutting – adult colouring book


  • Thank you to Pro Traveller Magazine for this fantastic feature in the ‘Travel Tech’ section of their February 2016 issue.“As a recent fan of this colouring mania, I was impatient to try it myself, and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. The interesting thing about this book is that the images that you get to bring to life are actual locations from the UK and Europe. So not only can you relax while you sip a cold drink on the beach, or while waiting for your plane in the airport, but you can also be inspired by some amazing new destinations for your next trip.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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