As unbelievable as it is, our Cloud-bursting campaign is possible so you won’t have to fear the rain on your wedding day anymore. It certainly took the media by storm (excuse the pun). Here’s a look at the coverage cloud-bursting received in the press:

Metro Takes A Closer Look At Our Unique “Cloud-Bursting” Service

Metro, the free paper beloved by commuters and people who need something to put under the cat’s litter tray, have taken a look at our unique new “Cloud-Bursting” service, which can guarantee couples getting married at one of our properties in France perfect weather for their big day.

The story appeared on page 3 on their edition of 27th January 2015, and reads a little like this:

Cloudbursting - Metro - Luxury wedding venues to rent in Europe

FYI that’s “Oliver’s” with an apostrophe.

The paper also featured a longer piece on the service online, which you can find by clicking here and heading to their site. 

The Mail Online has picked up on our latest luxury wedding service

Cloud Bursting, where we can guarantee clear skies on the big day at one of our luxury destination wedding venues in France! They had this to say:

“Cloud-seeding is used around the world to prevent fog at airports, stop hail damage in cities or to boost snowfall at ski resorts.

The luxury travel company, which organises destination weddings st stately homes and castles in England, France and Italy as well as beach weddings in the Caribbean, has introduced the new service for its most high-end customers.”

You can read the full piece on the Mail Online.

Watch AOL’s Video On Our Perfect Wedding Cloud Bursting!

AOL are the latest media organization to cast their eye over our unique ‘Cloud Bursting’ service for destination weddings, only they’ve gone above and beyond all the other chaps and gone and made a video! All the other newspaper and online blogger type folks should take note!

Not really guys, we love you all. You can read more and watch the video over at AOL’s newspage

The Guardian Gets Sustainable With Our Cloud Bursting Service

The Guardian‘s sustainable business blog recently interviewed out head of Customer Experiences Natasja Rasmussen to find out a little more about our unique wedding day cloud bursting service, which ensures perfectly clear skies on your big day. Taking a look at the ecological aspect of the service, it’s an interesting little piece, with Natasja observing:

“It’s an idea that has come from customer feedback,” says Natasja Rasmussen, head of customer experience at Oliver’s Travel. “We have been working with a wedding consultant for the last 10 years, sending couples out to luxury villas and chateaus in France and the Caribbean. We’ve had lots of feedback and one of the negatives was bad weather. So we have decided to do something about it.”

You can read the full article on the Guardian website.

Cloudbursting Round-Up: All The News From The Independent, The Telegraph, Yahoo And More!

You’ve probably heard about our amazing new cloud-bursting service for weddings – if you want to guarantee fair weather and fine skies for your big day, here at Oliver’s Travels we have the technology to make it happen. As you can imagine, the story garnered a lot of interest across the internet, with various newspapers and websites picking it up. To save you the bother of reading the entire internet, we’ve put together a selection of the biggest bits of coverage we received and some choice quotes. To read the articles in full, just click on the links. Enjoy!

  • The Independent ran a short feature on the piece, noting how we can actually guarantee success as long as we’re not faced with something like a hurricane.
  • The Telegraph ran a similar piece, saying:

A company is promising it can stop rain ruining couples’ wedding days by offering a £100,000 cloud-bursting service. While they may be able to meticulously plan every aspect of the big day, one thing that couples famously cannot control is the weather.

  • Elle also ran a piece on it, and included a cheeky dig at the Royals while they were at it:

Back in 2011 when Kate Middleton and Prince William got married, the two were blessed with not a single drop of rain on their wedding day. Turns out this wasn’t because of Mother Nature, but technology that you can now buy, The Telegraph reports.

  • Women’s Health covered the story too, asking their readers how much they’d be willing to pay for a rain-free wedding.
  • Somewhat oddly, Yahoo decided to cover it in their finance section, possibly because of the price tag. We thought it was more suited to the lifestyle pages, but still…
  • Business Insider UK also ran a story and gave us a brief run-down on how the service works:

To guarantee a sunny wedding day, the company employs a team of expert meteorologists and pilots to fly aircrafts [sic] above the clouds to ‘seed’ them with silver iodide — which causes the rain clouds to burst and disappear. The technique is a form of weather modification called ‘cloud seeding,’ which was developed in the late 1940s, according to Oliver’s Travels.

  • Blog Lovin also briefly talked about the service.
  • We also got a mention from US news giant, CNN.

    A UK-based travel company is now offering couples a guaranteed “perfect wedding day,” sold as a rain-free destination wedding package. The company, Oliver’s Travels, requires six weeks to plan the event and charges around $150,000 for a sunny day.

If you’re just looking for a stunning destination wedding venue for your big day, we’ve got a fantastic selection of those for you to look through too!

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