There’s loads to do in Languedoc for adventurous families – and quite a lot if you’re not feeling all that adventurous either! With its mix of beautiful inland countryside and a stunning coast, Languedoc makes for a great family, not least because of our fantastic range of luxury villas and chateaux to rent in the region. If you’re all booked up or just need some inspiration for that big family trip, take a look below at some of the wonderful things you can get up to in Languedoc.

1. Trek through the forest at Le Vallon du Villaret

Why go: You may be besotted with art, but browsing gallery after gallery won’t necessarily match up to the kids’ idea of a good time. The forest-set sculpture park, Le Vallon du Villaret, which merges art and adventure, is a good compromise, and one that will please all of the family from the littlest to the largest. Here, you’ll find natural trails leading through the forest and both temporary and permanent artist-designed installations. These works, many of which are interactive, provide opportunities for kids to play and indulge their curiosities as they come up close to thoroughly inspect them.

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Location: Le Vallon, 48190 Bagnols-les-Bains / Lozère, France

Le Vallon du Villaret-Lozère-France

2. Play in the ruins at Chateau de Peyrepertuse

Why go: This crumbling ruin of a Cathar castle, set stupendously high on a rocky peak, requires 15 to 20 minutes of hard graft to reach it as you make your way up a steep, uneven ascent. At the top, the weathered castle remains are a romantic sight that will stir the imagination of prospective kings and queens, and will make even the most jaded adult feel like a kid again. There are no souvenir shops or food outlets to shatter the illusion either, and you can even see over to neighbouring Quéribus, the famous last Cathar stronghold. The dramatically recounted audio guide will captivate younger visitors with tales of what life was like here 800 years ago. In summer, falconry shows and paragliders round out the entertaining offerings.

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Location: 11350 Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse, France

Chateau de Peyrepertuse

Chateau de Peyrepertuse-Languedoc France

3. Swing through the forest at Argelès Aventure

Why go: Life in Languedoc tends to move at a relaxed pace, but high-energy kids will enjoy shifting gear at this exhilarating high-wire forest adventure park. They can make like Tarzan on the challenging rope courses, which include everything from treetop bridges and swings to zip lines and heart-stopping jumps. Courses cater to all ages and abilities: children from as young as five can take part in the high-rope trails, while smaller tots can play safely on the three ‘Ouisiti’ circuits, which are designed for children of between two and four years’ old.

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Location: 7, Impasse Copernic, 66700 Argelès-Sur-Mer, France

Argeles Adventure-Languedoc France

Argeles Adventure-Languedoc France

4. Scour the plains of the Reserve Africaine de Sigean

Why go: Zebras ambling across the plains, lions roaring from the rocks and ostriches pecking at the car window … this justifiably popular safari is made for youngsters. Begin with a driving tour through the safari section, where you might cross paths with ibex, black bears and even a zebra crossing of the literal kind – just make sure the windows are rolled up! After lunch in the reserve’s picnic area, you can let the little ones loose to blow off steam in the walking section of the reserve, where they will be able to check out chimpanzees, elephants, reptiles and lots of other interesting species.

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Location: 19 Chemin Hameau du lac, 11130 Sigean, France

Réserve Africaine de Sigean-Languedoc France

Réserve Africaine de Sigean-Languedoc France

5. Spot sharks at the Seaquarium Le Grau du Roi

Why go: The hubbub and fun-fair-like atmosphere of the seaside resort of Le Grau du Roi is usually a hit among young family members. Kids seem to feed off the town’s bustling, good-time atmosphere. But should the town’s charms wear thin or the weather turn, the Seaquarium is there to save the day. Inside its tanks are razor-toothed sharks and rays to survey, as well as eels, octopus and jellyfish to examine, and an underwater enclosure where you can see acrobatic seals and sea lions cavort. And it’s not just all about looking; kids can also get involved with interactive aspects, even taking in a ‘virtual turtle’ and preparing it for release to the wild.

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Location: Avenue du Palais de la Mer, 30240 Le Grau-du-Roi, France

Seaquarium Le Grau du Roi

Seaquarium Le Grau du Roi-Languedoc France

6. View the constellations at Planétarium Galilée

Why go: Young stargazers will be kept on the edge of their seat at this planetarium theatre. A nifty galaxy-travelling show will bring young audience members on a whirlwind tour around the stars and the planets. Though the show is in French, families can pick up audio sets in English, which will help explain what’s going on above. The celestial stats may go over the kids’ heads, but they’ll still have a whirl of a time watching the night sky. Montpellier’s Odysseum area, where the planetarium is located, has a host of other fun facilities for families too, including a climbing wall, go-kart track, bowling alley, multiplex cinema and aquarium.

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Location: 100 Allée Ulysse, 34000 Montpellier, France

Planétarium Galilée

Planétarium Galilée-Languedoc France

7. Enjoy thrills and spills at Europark

Why go: This amusement park is as fun for older children and teens as it is for pocket-sized toddlers. Noise, flashing lights and white-knuckle rides keep the senses stimulated in the outdoor section. Prices are per ride, so the cost may begin to stack up, particularly for adrenaline addicts, but this is usually balanced out by less-enthused parents who want to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground rather than being flung around at breakneck-speeds. If you’ve got kids who are still in single digits (or younger), it may be worth paying to enter the indoor park, where there are ball pools and soft play items aplenty.

Book: No need to book just show up!

Location: 1 route de Portiragnes, Vias, Languedoc-Roussillon, France


Europark-Languedoc France

If you think Languedoc sounds like exactly the place for you and your family to let their collective hair down, just get in touch with our wonderful concierge team, who can find you the perfect villa or chateau in Languedoc based on the age of the kids and the amenities on offer. Need a bit more inspiration? Head to our blog, where you can find great articles like our travel guide to the South of France or our top 10 family villas in the South of France.

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