As the last of the Christmas leftovers disappear for good, it’s not unusual for a certain feeling of ennui to sink in – and not just because this is the first day you haven’t over-eaten in two weeks. At Oliver’s Travels, we firmly believe there’s nothing like a mini-break for sending you back to work with a smile on your face, and with flights taking just over two hours, it couldn’t be easier to sneak off to Italy for a quick dose of R&R. Just decide which view you prefer: vineyards, lakes or the Mediterranean Sea? 

Tourist-free Tuscany

Villa Limona, Tuscany - Oliver's Travels

Villa Limona, Tuscany – Oliver’s Travels

Ever thought longingly of how wonderful Tuscany would be if it weren’t for the tourists? The colder months are often the best time to see the historic sights of Florence – and trust us, they look just as beautiful under the icy winter sun as they do in the sweltering heat of summer. You’ll be able to visit the colossal Uffizi gallery and climb to the dizzy heights of the Duomo before kicking back in a wine bar, sitting next to locals instead of loud and lost foreigners. Retreat to one our finest luxury villas with pools in Tuscany, the secluded Villa Limona, where you can enjoy conversations by candlelight in the terraced garden and wake up to see olive groves and lemon trees stretching out to the horizon. 

Sweet Sicily

Villa Artisti, Sicily - Oliver's Travels

Villa Artisti, Sicily – Oliver’s Travels

Although the island might be best known for beaches, it’s also home to a whole host of sweet treats that provide a perfect antidote to the turkey-with-all-the-trimmings excesses of December. From cannoli to torrones, you could easily spend days wandering around and sampling these tempting snacks. Try the Arancia Candita – a completely candied orange – to experience a taste explosion you can almost pretend is healthy. 

Lovely Lake District

Villa Sonni, Italian Lakes - Oliver's Travels

Villa Sonni, Italian Lakes – Oliver’s Travels

The mountainous northern region may be chillier than the south, but the tranquil atmosphere surrounding the lakes and the beautiful snow-capped mountains creates a perfectly picturesque spot for a winter break. Escape to the comforts of Villa Sonni to soak up the sunset from your private patio while snuggled up with a hot chocolate. The Villa also just so happens to have its very own traditional wine cellar, with professional tastings easily arranged – the best method we’ve heard of yet for shaking off January blues!

You can also brows all of our properties in Italy (whatever the season!).

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Photo credit: Image courtesy of Stefano Constantini via Flickr
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  1. Corinna

    Keep calm and think of Italy! 🙂
    January and February are always really good months to travel around Italy. You will enjoy cities without the crowds, you will be able to live like the locals and do what they do. Also the coutryside can be full of surprises. Really do love the icy mornings with a pale sun. You are in Italy…after all!.


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