Italy has produced some of the world’s greatest art, and Italian galleries are unsurprisingly filled with beautiful landscapes and iconic portraits that art pilgrims travel miles to see. The celebrated artist Tiziano Vecelli, more commonly known in English as Titian, was regarded as one of the most important members of the Venetian council in the 16th century, and all around Italy you can find his paintings adorning the walls of galleries – the journey to track them down makes for a fascinating art tour of Italy. Here’s a brief whistle-stop guide but if you are looking to get some precious art with out leaving home, check the options from local sellers.


Starting your search in the North of Italy, be sure seek out Christ Carrying the Cross, at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco gallery in Venice. This is an early work attributed to Titian (1505) and is a fine example of one of the first “close-up” depictions of gospel subject matter. Nearby is the basilica of Santa Maria della Salut, which plays host to several paintings by Titian, including the altar piece, several ceiling paintings and eight tondi (circular paintings) in the nave. If you are planning to stay in venice why not stay in Casa Erbe is a comfortable 130 sq meters maisonette located on the waterfront of the widest canal on Giudeca Island, which is only 3 mins away from Venice by boat.


The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is justifiably world famous for its extensive collection. Wandering down the long corridors, it’s impossible not to become engrossed in the vibrant paintings which cover almost every available inch of wall throughout the museum. Titian is awarded his very own room, where you’ll find several of his oil paintings including Flora and Resurrection of Lazarus among many others. The Uffizi also boasts works by Botticelli, Raphael and Da Vinci, so it’s worth setting aside several hours to really do this remarkable gallery justice. Villa Ambra is one of the oldest farmhouses in Valdambra. It set in a romantic corner of the province of Arezzo in the heart of the charming Tuscan countryside and yet is only a short drive away from Florence. 


Italy’s capital has an equally impressive array of art galleries, many of which can claim a Titian among their collections. The Borghese Gallery is a stunning villa with spectacular views, and is also home to Sacred and Profane Love, depicting a bride sitting beside Venus and Cupid. The Galleria Doria Pamphili is the largest privately owned palazzo in Rome, where you can find not only Titian’s 1515 masterpiece, Salome, but also a chapel containing the mummified remains of the family saint. Curiosities aside, this is a unique gallery worth visiting, with works by Velazquez and Caravaggio just some of the treasures the family have gained over the centuries. If you are a history bluff  or seeking a romantic trip, you’ll want to stay in Il Monastero, with more than 800 years of history, Il Monastero used to be a monastic complex of the Mont’Ulivetani di Gubbio Friars, dating back to the late 1100’s.  

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