When people think of the South of France or Cote D’Azur the first things that usually spring to mind are luxurious yachts in harbour, sunshine weather, and lifestyles of the rich and famous. These things do characterise the area greatly and are ever-present during summer, but there is also a lot more to the Cote D’Azur than first meets the eye. The area has an adventurous side that is not as well known, but that has the potential to add something extra special and unique to your trip.

Don’t just hang out at the pool all day, try some of our favourite adventure sports during your stay in the South of France


Sailing on the Mediterranean

You can enjoy cruising around exclusive bays, sight seeing, snorkelling and swimming on a typical sailing trip around the Cote D’Azur. This is the perfect adventure trip for the entire family as there are activities and things to do for people of all ages on board the ship! Even if you are just to sun bathe on the ship, the views are truly stunning.


For the real adventurers out there, get the adrenalin pumping with a day of canyoning down a beautiful fresh mountain river. Spend hours trekking rivers, abseiling waterfalls and jumping off cliffs! A reasonable level of fitness is required, but with the best spots just a few hours drive from the coast this is one activity that is bound to add some excitement to your holiday!

Scuba Diving

Explore another world under the beautiful Mediterranean Sea of Cote D’Azur and go scuba diving! When you go scuba diving in Cote D’Azur you can spend hours out at sea, you can take a tour of the coast beforehand, and enjoy spectacular sights of the Marine life off the coast of Nice. No experience is necessary if you are going with an experienced Padi diving instructor and it’s possible to sit some of your diving exams while you’re out here too!

Cote D’Azur and the South of France in general is known already as a luxurious holiday destination, but if you have an adventurous streak in you don’t be afraid to get it out at the same time while you’re there!

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