Every new year presents the possibility to make small changes that make a big difference further down the line. Here at Oliver’s Travels we’ve got that January feeling: after a lovely Christmas season spent with family and friends, indulging on sumptuous feasts, mince pies, and glasses of bubbly, we’re now ready to set our intentions for the next 12 months. If you’re feeling the same, read on to discover the top 5 wellness trends of 2022 that will leave you feeling amazing!

1. Plant-based diet

Plant-based dietA plant-based diet is made up of mostly natural foods, spanning fruit, veggies, nuts, grains, vitamins, zinc, minerals and seeds – and if you’ve ever tried Veganuary, you’ll know just how good it feels. However, more and more people are making this their full-time diet, up 40% in the UK in 2020. 

Worried about your protein source? You’re in luck: many plant-based foods are already rich in it, including edamame, chickpeas, quinoa and kale. Many meat-like alternatives are also widely available now, from tofu and tempeh to scientific wonders like Beyond and Impossible burgers – these ones really look, feel and taste like meat, and they’ll even ‘bleed’ when you cut into them!

Top Pick: For some helpful tips and tricks on starting your plant-based diet, check out Forks Over Knives. If you’re planning on taking your new lifestyle overseas, read our blog on the most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world

2. Sleep-improvement technology

Sleep improvement technology

We all know sleep is one of the most important factors of feeling good. But we also know how difficult it can be to catch those 8 hours of beauty sleep every night, lying in bed counting the minutes until our far-too-familiar wake-up call. Luckily for us, the digital world is here to help with their new sleep-improvement technology. From sleeping track mats and noise-masking sleepbuds to sunrise lamps and red-light night lights, there’s a huge range to choose from so you can get your much-needed zzz’s.

Top Pick: If (like us) you can’t bring yourself to put your phone away before bed, Circle Home could be worth a try. This sneaky gadget connects to your Wi-Fi and monitors your screen usage. Set bedtimes for each gadget in your home and Circle Home will disconnect you from the internet when it’s time for bed before reconnecting you at a scheduled time in the morning – perfect for phone addicts and families with techy kids.

3. Home workouts with a twist

Home workouts with a twist

Can’t find the time to work out? Virtual wellness technology is a growing trend in the fitness space, with people choosing to get their exercise in at home over a trip to the gym. The Mirror acts as a normal full-length mirror throughout the day, but when activated, it offers you over 70 classes including kickboxing, yoga and barre, all led by a virtual instructor. You can even measure your heart rate and sync your Spotify playlists for the ultimate tailored workout.

Top Pick: Make sure to invest in some sustainable activewear before you get started. We’re loving Organic Basics  and Tala.

4. Staycations


Calling all eco-warriors! It’s not just us that needs a dose of healthy living this year: the planet is desperate for a detox. It’s easy to do our bit at home – buying less plastic, recycling every day, eating less meat – but what about holidays? 

An increasing number of Brits are saying goodbye to airport queues, long-haul flights and border worries, continuing with the 2020 staycation trend to ensure they have a hassle-free holiday. From sun-kissed Cornish beaches and long walks in the Lake District, to picturesque views in the Scottish Highlands or the charming Welsh coast, a British holiday allows you to disconnect and recharge in the fresh air.

Top Pick: Why not go the extra mile and say no to taking your car at all? With the England Coastal Path, it’s possible to walk, cycle or take a train around this beautiful area. But don’t forget to pack your raincoat for the unpredictable British weather…

5. Breathing apps

Breathing apps

As you head back to the office, try to keep up with a newly-busy social calendar, and also attempt to implement new diet or exercise changes, stress can quickly build up. That’s where breathing apps come in, allowing you to devote a few minutes of each day to simply relaxing and prioritising yourself. 

Top Pick: Breathing Zone is a personalised app that monitors your breathing as you bring your phone close to your mouth, suggesting alterations that will help to lower blood pressure. For the 5 minutes that follow, channel mindfulness in silence or choose between calming sound effects and classical music. 

If you’re interested in other ways to stay mindful, check out Mind’s helpful list of mindfulness exercises.

Now that you’re set to take on 2022 with our top wellness trends, why not plan your staycation in one of our UK holiday homes or cottages? We have a wonderful range of properties to house large groups, family trips and romantic getaways! Contact our friendly concierge team and they will be happy to help you through the process!


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