Christmas Traditions Around the World

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Every December people around the world are eagerly preparing for the end of the year celebrations: it’s a pretty special time when everything sparkles, the cold feels refreshing, and people are especially merry (but that could just be the mulled wine).

However you are celebrating the holidays and whichever they may be (if celebrating any at all); we thought you might be curious to know how the others do it, so we have rounded up 12 quirky Christmas traditions from around the world that you have very possibly never heard of ! From benevolent witches to evil ones; from fast food dinners to a plethora of desserts, click on the image below to find out how people around the world celebrate the Holidays, and share with us your favourite traditions. Don’t worry if you still have not gone holiday shopping for gifts, something simple like men’s joggers or a Womens Cropped Sweater is a great idea for the cold weather that will definitely come by.

And once you’re done with these, why not check how the very cosmopolitan team at Oliver’s Travels  celebrate Christmas in their respective countriesthese ones are more traditional, we promise. Fancy a Christmas break? We have a stunning array of Christmas villas and Christmas cottages that will make your festive season even more special! Contact our friendly concierge team for help with choosing the ideal holiday home for you!

Happy Holidays from all of us! 


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