Book within 28 days of your holiday

Holidays are the best, we totally get it. If you just can’t wait to book for next time, we’ll give you an extra £100 on top of your Holiday Credit on all bookings over £3500. For anything under £3500, we’ll throw in £50. Just quote code “28DAYS” when booking. 

Ts and Cs

  • Must quote code "28DAYS" when booking
  • Only valid on repeat bookings made by the same lead booker
  • 28 days timeframe applies from check out date
  • Can be used in conjunction with Holiday Credit, but no other offers
  • 28DAYS offer cannot be regifted and must be booked under your name 

Oliver’s Holiday Credit

We value your loyalty to us, and love that you want to keep booking your holidays at our awesome villas. As a thank you, we are happy to reward you with 5% of your booking cost in Holiday Credit. You can use this credit against a future booking for yourself, or gift them to a friend or family member.

What’s the catch?

No catch! You can use your Holiday Credit against any future booking, just let us know when you want to redeem them.

How to redeem:

When booking online, state that you’d like to use your Holiday Credit in the booking notes section. You’ll also need to state how much of your credit you’d like to use.

If you’d like to book with the help of our concierge team, give us a call on 0333 888 0205 and let the team know you’d like to use your Holiday Credit against your booking, again, don’t forget to let us know how much! 

Feeling generous?

If a friend or family member is looking to book a holiday with us, you can gift them some or all of your credit to use against their holiday. Simply drop us an email at with their name, email address and the amount you’d like to give them. We’ll take care of the rest! (Minimum gift amount is £100.)