Caravan, tent and hotel; tried them all but ever considered a luxury holiday cottage? At the height of the season, a luxury holiday cottage can be had for as little as £100 per person per week. With all the benefits of camping or caravanning – the freedom – with none of the downsides – weather constraints and setting up – luxury holiday cottages might just be the answer to your next summer, or even seasonal break. Available all year round, so that even a break at Xmas away from the hurly-burly of the crowds is possible, luxury holiday cottages are an accessible holiday accommodation well worth a look into.

Berry Manor - The South West - Devon - Oliver's Travels

Heatherside House – The South West – Devon – Oliver’s Travels

Many allow pets to come with you, and that is a boarding fee saving that could be better employed elsewhere. You will have your own bathroom. No more sharing. There will be a fully-appointed kitchen. No more being tied to a hotel’s meal times and no more struggling to feed the horde on a camping stove. Audio-visual facilities are found as standard in most properties. All, of course, designed to let you unwind from a hectic working life. A luxury holiday cottage offers the best of both worlds: freedom as when camping, luxury as when in a quality hotel.

With a luxury holiday cottage, out of season breaks are easy to have. Fancy a quick trip away from the city at half-term, a break from the maddening crowds at Xmas, a visit to the countryside outside of the summer crowds? All of these are within your grasp and budget with a luxury holiday cottage rental. Even if the, unpredictable, weather turns against you, or you get caught out in a brief downpour, your holiday is not ruined. Coming back to a luxury holiday cottage, warming in a hot bath, soaking away your cares and you have a home away from home. All the benefits of a holiday break in the beautiful English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh or even continental countryside with all the luxuries of home.

Tired of camping, bored of caravanning, fed up with hotels? A luxury holiday cottage, home or abroad, is well worth you considering.

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