Finding a holiday cottage is not difficult. Finding the perfect luxury cottage, however, is easier said than done. With a huge amount of choice on the market, what features should you look for, and how do you separate the luxurious from the lacklustre?

Kinder Castle - Peak District - Oliver's Travels

Kinder Castle – Peak District – Oliver’s Travels

Location, Location, Location

Location is often the deciding factor when choosing a holiday cottage, as it can make or break your holiday. Luxury holiday cottages should have a prime location: a quick online map search lets you see if the cottage is right beside a motorway or built-up area; or many miles down an axle-breaking farm track. If you want a secluded getaway, then remember to check if the cottage is situated on its own or beside other holiday accommodation.


Villa Kano bathroom, Spain - Oliver's Travels

Villa Kano bathroom, Spain – Oliver’s Travels

Think carefully about the size of the cottage you choose. Do you have enough bedrooms and, just as importantly, bathrooms? No one over the age of thirty will consider it a holiday if they have to queue to share one bathroom. For large parties, it’s equally essential to check that there is a dining area large enough to seat everyone comfortably.


Gatekeeper Lodge Kitchen, Heart of England - Oliver's Travels

Gatekeeper Lodge Kitchen, Heart of England – Oliver’s Travels

Luxury cottages should come fully kitted out for the number of people they accommodate. What you will need depends upon the nature of your holiday. If you are in a remote location and intend to cook for most of your stay then the kitchen should be well equipped, whereas if you intend to dine out several times this will be less important. A dishwasher, however, especially in large holiday homes, is a must – you won’t want to spend your holiday at the kitchen sink.

Cornish Beach House - Cornwall - Holiday Homes UK - Oliver's Travels

Pebbleline House, Cornwall – Sleeps 10

If you have a family, then amenities for children are especially important and should usually consist of both indoor and outdoor options! Is there an enclosed garden with any play equipment? Is there an adequate selection of games, jigsaws or books? DVD player? The best luxury cottages should have some or all of these facilities.

Remember: luxury holiday cottages and large holiday homes should allow you at least as much space and comfort as you have at home – all in a great location!

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