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16th October
On the road with Oliver's Travels - Luxury Villas to Rent in Europe and the Caribbean

Champagne, Sharks and Stolen Pizza: Going on the Road with Oliver’s Travels

If you’ve had a little nosey around our site (and why wouldn’t you – you know we do awesome luxury villas, right?) you’ll know that we don’t just grab any old holiday home and stick it up on the site like so much flock wallpaper in a Margate B&B. Not only do we select our…

14th October
Fenton Tower - Scotland - Luxury Castles to Rent - Oliver's Travels

Oliver’s Vampire Weekender – Only the Undead Should Apply!

In our ten years as a travel firm we’ve helped pamper presidents and mollycoddle the Hollywood elite, but this Hallowe’en at Oliver’s Travels we’re going to offer something to guests that are a little more demanding. You could even say they’re out for our blood. We’re taking customer service to the next level with our…

13th October
Smiths Castle - Ireland - Large Holiday Homes - Oliver's Travels

What We Did on Our Holiday – Day 3 at Smiths Castle – Oliver’s Travels

Tuesday, August 12, Day 3: Today, we decided to head to the old city of Limerick to visit the restored St. John’s Castle and to try to find Michael’s grandmother’s home in a small village outside Limerick. Michael had visited St. John’s Castle years earlier and could only view it from the outside. Now, there…

10th October

The Telegraph Spotlights The Palacio De Tenorio As One Of Spain’s Best Luxury Villas!

Describing it as “one of the city’s most distinctive holiday home rentals” The Telegraph recently featured Andalusia‘s beautiful Palacio De Tenorio in a slideshow feature on some of Spain’s best luxury villa rentals. We have to say we think they’ve got particularly good taste… The full slideshow can be found on their website.

Smiths Castle - Ireland - Large Holiday Homes - Oliver's Travels

What We Did on Our Holiday – Day 7 at Smiths Castle – Oliver’s Travels

Saturday, August 16, Day 7: We had one final full Irish breakfast today, did our final packing and stuffed everything into our two cars. We brought the “Tin Man” outside the door of the castle for photos with him and then returned him to his post. As we turned the lock for a final time…