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14th April
One Minute News - Oliver's Travels

One Minute News Gets Cheeky With Lovers Deep

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Online news channel One Minute News took a rather cheeky look at our most exclusive luxury rental yet – Lovers Deep, our super exclusive and fully customisable submarine! They don’t take it all that seriously, but when you’ve got such luxury on offer, surely it pays to have a bit of a giggle? If you’d…

10th April
31st March
Tuscan Wines - Oliver's Travels (Image via Tuscanycious on Flickr)

The Cheat’s Guide to Tuscan Wines

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If you find yourself staring at the unpronounceable labels in the supermarket wine aisle with anxiety, confusion and just a hint of mistrust, fear not. We’ve created an Oliver’s Travels guide to the finest wines in Tuscany, helping you base your next decision on taste, heritage and quality – as opposed to ‘the one with…