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14th April
One Minute News - Oliver's Travels

One Minute News Gets Cheeky With Lovers Deep

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Online news channel One Minute News took a rather cheeky look at our most exclusive luxury rental yet – Lovers Deep, our super exclusive and fully customisable submarine! They don’t take it all that seriously, but when you’ve got such luxury on offer, surely it pays to have a bit of a giggle? If you’d…

WGN Morning News Lovers Deep TV debut

Lovers Deep Makes Its TV Debut!

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Lovers Deep, our fantastic uber-luxury submarine that’s available for hire, made its TV debut on Chicago’s WGN last week, as Oliver’s Travels co-founder and all-round lovely chap Ravi Sabharwal was quizzed on the sub by their Morning News team. You can also watch the interview in full by heading to WGN’s site, or click on…

10th April
31st March
Tuscan Wines - Oliver's Travels (Image via Tuscanycious on Flickr)

The Cheat’s Guide to Tuscan Wines

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If you find yourself staring at the unpronounceable labels in the supermarket wine aisle with anxiety, confusion and just a hint of mistrust, fear not. We’ve created an Oliver’s Travels guide to the finest wines in Tuscany, helping you base your next decision on taste, heritage and quality – as opposed to ‘the one with…