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Where did it all start?

In 2003, my best mate Ravi and I spent a week at Chateau Isly in the Dordogne with a group of our closest friends. It was one of those holidays you never forget. The chateau was stunning, the wine was flowing and the weather was pretty much perfect. Best of all, we had the whole place to ourselves. 

As it turns out, that holiday was the start of something pretty special. Before we’d even got back to England, Ravi and I had come up with the basic idea for our first business, Simply Chateau: a website where people could find and book exclusive, luxury villas without having to shell out a fortune.

Where are we today?

We’ve grown a bit since then. We’ve now got a team of people who love travelling just as much as we do. Between us, we’ve handpicked every one of the properties you’ll find on the site. 

Our emphasis is still on quirky, lavish, one-of-a-kind places to stay, but we now offer villas, castles, stately homes, beach huts and cottages, as well as chateaux – not just in France, but across Europe and the Caribbean.

You may have noticed we’ve changed our name too. Ravi took a bit of persuading, but in the end we agreed on Oliver’s Travels!

Why choose ordinary?

So whether you want to treat the family, get together with friends or spend a romantic weekend somewhere special, why choose ordinary when you can have exceptional?

At Oliver’s Travels, we guarantee you a holiday to remember at a price you won’t regret.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, why not take a look at our latest recommendations, where you’ll find a list of our own favourite places to stay? Our concierge service can help personalize your trip down to the smallest detail, or if you're raring to go you can just jump in and start browsing.

Happy travelling,

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Favourite Property - Chateau Isly in Dordogne

Favourite Region - Aquitaine in France

Top Tip - If you’re travelling as a group or with children consider ‘UPS-ing’ your luggage. It works out cheaper than the charges the budget airlines levy and means you waltz through the airport pre-checked in without any luggage in tow. They pick up from your home or office and deliver to the chateau door!




Favourite Property - Chateau de Grazay in the Loire Valley

Favourite Region - Dordogne in France

Top Tip - Arrange for a fully-stocked fridge on a Saturday arrival, supermarkets in France have very limited opening hours on a Sunday (if at all)!





Favourite Property - Palazzo Di Pietro in Venice

Favourite Region - Tuscany in Italy

Top Tip - When in Rome, (do as the Romans do) Be friendly! Try not to order a cappuccino after noon  – Italians generally drink milky drinks as part of their breakfast routine. Remember Italy is notorious for its passion for food. At a restaurant, don’t  fill up on bread while waiting: a typical meal includes antipasti, primi (pasta/risotto dishes), secondi (fish or meat) then dolci or gelato!

Favourite Property Villa Shambhala in Dordogne

Favourite Region Dordogne in France 

Top Tip – Make sure you have the wine chilled and cheese at the ready. Relax and enjoy the breath-taking sunsets over the Dordogne.





Favourite Property - Wellington Manor in Somerset

Favourite Region - Andalusia in Spain

Top Tip - When packing for your villa holiday, don’t forget the games! Games night is always one of the most memorable nights!



Favourite Property - Kinder Castle in the Peak District

Favourite Region - Tuscany in Italy

Top Tip - Buy and wear good walking shoes. Blisters are not fun!





Favourite Property - Villa Trullo in Puglia

Favourite Region - Sicily in Italy

Top Tip - The best travel snack is a banana, they are nutritious, yummy, easy to pack and will keep you going for hours even when there's nowhere to stop!






Favourite villa: La Gallerie, St Lucia

Favourite region: Andalucia in Spain

Top tip: Go out of your way to find out what's good and locally produced in the way of food and drink - then try it! There's no excuse for not being adventurous with your food on holiday. How else do you find out exactly how delicious raw sea slug actually is?




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